8 best Instagram video editors To Up Your Performance

Instagram is one of the most-used social platforms on the internet. With its new addition of 30 seconds and 15 seconds reels, the platform has come a long way. Now we are seeing a change in how people used to post on Instagram. People, companies, and small brands are all now making videos keeping in mind the need to increase their Instagram followers. In addition to this, Instagram has its inbuilt video editing software, but it won’t help you much to make your videos stand out from the rest of its content.

To help you with this, we have come up with a list of the 8 best Instagram video editors that you can use to make your videos better and color grade them to attract more viewers and traffic. The list is curated after much research on the many apps found online and on app stores. Check them out.

1. InShot

This Instagram video editor is a mobile application made specifically to help content creators edit their videos on the go. On the other hand, with its on-the-go editing feature, you can’t do a lot of things, but it is relatively easy to learn, and in no time will you be able to master it.

Best Features

  • Facilitates editing on mobile phones.
  • Lets you select the frame size required for IGTV videos, stories, and posts.
  • Blurs out unused areas.
  • Can add filters, colors, and several effects to make your videos stand out.
  • Slow-motion and fast motion are available.
  • Add stickers to your videos.
  • Add text to your videos.

2. Quik

GoPro is one of the most-used cameras when it comes to shooting videos for Instagram. Most of the travel bloggers use GoPro for their vlogs. So there was no doubt about GoPro not coming up with their video editing app.

Quik is the app that used to edit out videos on GoPro. You can also add images and videos from your mobile camera to edit them. In addition to this, you can make custom videos all by yourself or you can use Quik’s inbuilt AI to make a video for you by taking multiple images from your device.

Best Features

  • You can import up to 500 items from your gallery at the same time.
  • It uses the most-common formats such as MOV, MP4, and H264, which support all the video capturing devices.
  • You can easily add text and music in the background of your video.
  • Endless filters.
  • Includes a unique feature that trims out the size to accommodate the needs of an Instagram upload.

3. Horizon

Most users who make videos always try to make videos in portrait mode as it is best suited for Instagram. Also, with the portrait mode, you will be able to use the full screen of your viewer’s image. With Horizon, all your videos will be captured in horizontal mode. No matter at which angle you take the video, it will make it horizontal for you.

As a result, you can use the same video that you have shot for Instagram to be uploaded on other social media platforms such as Facebook and even on Youtube.

Best Features

  • You can have real-time filters to add moods and emotions in your videos.
  • You can also add videos that you have shot before or capture the video straight from this app.
  • Moreover, if you want to have better clarity, you can opt for a 2k recording in this app.
  • Lastly, it gives you tutorials on how you can edit and make videos using this application.

4. Adobe Premiere Rush

Previously known as Adobe Premiere Clip, it’s now a free video editing app that is connected with Adobe Premiere Pro. It has two editing techniques — freeform and automatic. In the automatic mode, the app will edit the video, and you don’t have to do anything.

Best Features

  • It lets you save your videos and photos on the cloud.
  • You can transfer the videos from this application to Premiere Pro and edit it further according to your requirements.
  • It also provides specific options that are available on Premiere Pro.

5. Boomerang

If you want to have some fun with your videos, you should consider Boomerang. On this app, you can create GIFS and short videos by using ten images. This can make your content more creative and engaging.

Best Features

  • It allows you to directly post on Instagram.
  • Creates short and engaging videos.
  • Doesn’t require separate sign-ups or the creation of a new account.
  • The photos and the videos which you capture through the app get stored in your gallery.

6. iMovie

This is available only on iPhones.It is a free software where one can make videos without the watermark.

Best Features

  • There are several templates to choose from, making things easier for you.
  • Regulate the playback speed of your videos
  • Can mix the audio, add texts, and overlay your video.

7. Splice

Available only on the IOS app store, it has all the features that you can expect only in professional editing software. It is one of the most user-friendly software.

Best Features

  • You can choose a proper aspect ratio for better scaling of the videos.
  • Allows clips to be arranged in a manner you prefer.
  • Can add subtitles to the videos which you are making.
  • Can make color adjustments.

8. InVideo

Get the best free video editor to make the perfect YouTube videos. It packs the best of everything you ever need to edit a video based on your preferences. Loaded with powerful features, it helps you save the time required to manage video content which can be used for ideation.

InVideo allows you to quickly edit video files and process videos in no time. InVideo offers plenty of video effects for free; however, if you wish to access and try a host of other effects, you can give the premium version a try. It starts from $10 a month, where you can access premium features without any watermark.

Best Features

  • A vast library of images
  • Option to edit your own media files using the best of editing tools
  • Creation of video in multiple video formats (horizontal, vertical, and square)

In Conclusion

Most people have a good smartphone with excellent camera capabilities. But taking a video is one thing and making it watchable for the viewers is another. The software mentioned above will help you make your videos more fascinating. Try everything and choose the one that fits your preference the best.